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Hello All! Thanks for dropping by.  I am Mike, middle aged and getting no younger.  I have two children a partner and two dogs.

A few months ago I decided that it would be good to get into shape, so I bought a pair of trainers and a treadmill and started to run.

Why have I started all this you may ask.  Well I was sitting in my office, not moving much as usual.  And I felt a pain in my chest. The doctor said that it was nothing to worry about, but if I didn’t want it to become anything else I should maybe consider doing a little more exercise.

Not wanting to do things by half I have signed up for a marathon in a years time,  now I need to start training.  So here I am with my new trainers, a new treadmill and miles of parklands to explore on a new adventure.

So now I have completed a couch to 5km routine I can now lumber round a flat 5km course in about 25 minutes (25.11 at last count).   There is still massive room for improvement and I strive to go a little further every day and every week.

Join me on my adventures as we see if I can go from my 5km race up to a 26mile race, and complete the full marathon.

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