Getting your times down!


When I ran for the first time I was quick to wonder what a good time was.  I mean running a 5km race and finishing with 30minutes on the clock seemed a great start.  When I started to my mates it my bubble quickly burst and it became clear that I should be taking 5 to ten minutes off this.

So what is a good time and how do I go about reducing it?

First thing I need to look at is what runs through my head when I am running.  Someone once told me to have  a mantra running through my head.  Maybe my choice of supercalifragilisticexpialidociousAntidisestablishmentarianism and Defenestration was not snappy enough. Shorter words should lead to a faster stride!  So next time out I will try run, train, win!

Alternatively: I hate treadmills!



This is because the next part of my gain speed plan is to train harder and get that time down.

Previously my plan was to trundle out for a five 5km on a Saturday morning, and do some impressive workout skips during the week, possibly mixed up with a run to the pub or a cheeky pizza.

Its clear that my workout needs a little modification.  So the first step is to make sure that I do at least 4 workouts a week.  I will keep my 5km on a Saturday, and add in a longer 10km on a sunday and two treadmill sessions during the week. Both of between 7-8Km

Problem is treadmills are so dull!

What can be don to spice up my treadmill workout?  First is a decent playlist.  At the moment I am addicted to my Spotify Premium account.  They have millions of tracks and I can always find something that suits my mood and actiivy.




Now I am up and running on my machine of hell, its good I can feel myself getting faster.  The music is good, and I am watching the world go by.

Its time to dig deep. Keep my new mantra ticking over, force the legs, keep the arms working send a quick reminder to the heart that team Mike is going to need plenty of oxygen filled blood moving to my extremes!


While I am raring along on my treadmill my mind starts to wonder, I can imagine myself on the track picturing the new personal best times.  This is the motivation I need, the feeling of improving, getting faster and more efficient.

One thing that helped early on was a good choice of treadmill.  This was harder than I thought.  These things are not cheap!  I turned to the internet for advice and inspiration.  Most of the sites are quite helpful, one site was excellent Optimum Fitness had a huge guide and all the reviews that I needed to make a decision.

With my new treadmill, mantra in place and workout program established I am really making progress against my PB.  Bring on the next race!  I’m looking forward to smashing my next target.



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